Our Office Team

The Care Plus Management TeamCare Plus Homecare Services Ltd aims to foster an atmosphere of care and support which both enables and encourages our clients to live as full, interesting and independent a lifestyle as possible.

It is the aim of Care Plus Homecare Services Ltd to deliver the highest levels of care at all times. To ensure everyone is safe and happy, to encourage independence and to motivate where possible, recognising individual abilities, preferences and needs.  The Care Team will always respect privacy and will ensure that our client’s dignity, individual needs and personal choices are respected.  Care Plus offer support and compassion, bringing peace of mind to clients and their families.

We understand the importance of every aspect of care and the importance of an individual’s needs and abilities.

A Little Bit About Us..

Care Plus Homecare Services Ltd started out as Nightingale Care in 2008. Working as a Carer in the local area in 2007, Kay began to feel that the big business goals of care companies had started to overshadow the focus on individual care needs. Kay decided it was time to get back to basics.

Kay started the company with one specific aim – to put the heart back into home care. Nightingale Care started in Handforth with just a handful of clients. Kay soon realised she needed an extra pair of hands and taught her daughter, Jessica, everything she knew about care and together they carried out the majority of the care. Their reputation grew within the local community and they quickly moved into Wilmslow and Alderley Edge picking up clients and care staff along the way.

Nightingale Care later merged with Care Plus Homecare Services Ltd in 2010, covering a larger area, helping more and more individuals live their lives independently in their own homes. As Care Plus, they expanded into Congleton in 2010, picking up a whole new network of clients and colleagues.

Needing extra help, Pascale Becherraz joined Care Plus in March 2012 as the Finance Manager. In October 2012 Care Plus moved into a new office and took on a new Care Manager, Marie Cooper. Marie has developed Care Plus into a fully functional, compliant organization and has helped Care Plus to reach its full potential. Marie’s daughter, Michelle, joined Care Plus in 2013. Jessica and Michelle are now Care Coordinators, fully trained to skilfully match each client with a suitably trained Carer.

In February 2014, Care Plus was inspected by CQC and the report identified that Care Plus was compliant with all the standards required for a domiciliary care agency. Read the full CQC report. In 2014, Care Plus moved into an office in The Paddock in Handforth to become more in touch with their local community.

Our Team

Care Plus Ltd Team Member Kay Brandrick

Kay Brandrick


Kay founded Care Plus Homecare Services Ltd in 2008, but has worked in every aspect of care for the last 32 years while raising her three children. Kay is not only the director of Care Plus; she is also our Senior Carer. Kay leads by example, providing many hours of care each week. Kay believes the best way to fully understand the care needs of each client is to personally know what each care call entails, an ethos that the whole management team believes in .

Kay is also a huge believer in team work, Kay works with the Care Team each day and therefore has not only a management relationship, but also a great peer to peer relationship supervising and guiding each member of the Care Team.  Kay personally trains each new member of staff in the field, mentoring and promoting confidence to enable them to deliver the highest standards of care. Kay has many mottos that get passed along to the Care Team, her most famous lines being  “always stand at the door and look back before leaving, making sure everything is taken care of” and “you’re only as good as your last call”. Kay has a passion for palliative care and personally carries out the majority of end of life care to ensure a person with a life limiting diagnosis receives the very best care and support.

    Care Plus Ltd Team Member Marie Cooper

    Marie Cooper

    Care Manager

    Marie Cooper joined Care Plus in 2012 as Care Manager. Marie has worked in Health and Social Care for over 22 years while raising her five children and now enjoying her nine grandchildren. Marie began her career as a Carer, progressing to Senior Carer, then Coordinator, then Deputy Manager and eventually Care Manager at various organisations. Marie holds a QCF Level 5 amongst many other qualifications. Marie has a very wide knowledge of Health and Social care both at management and field level. At Care Plus we believe that all staff, including the management team, should be able to undertake any task expected of them.

    Marie’s role involves handling calls from both clients and the Care Team, supervising the Care Team , preparing and delivering staff meetings, attending client reviews, carrying out assessments on new clients, carrying out Health and Safety checks as necessary,  and visiting existing clients at home to ensure we are providing a service that meets their needs. Marie also handles any complaints that are received and provides a satisfactory outcome.  Marie is also responsible for all recruitment and carrying out all relevant checks on new candidates.  Marie not only holds the same business values as Kay, but also the same high standards of care, making them a force to be reckoned with. Marie and Kay pool together their many years of experience and strive for greatness, a truly great team.


      Jessica Edwards and Michelle Phillips

      Care Coordinators

      Both Jessica and Michelle decided to follow in their Mother’s footsteps, Kay and Marie respectively. Jessica joined the family business soon after its start in 2008. Jessica worked as a carer for the next 5 years, moving into Care Plus’ office in 2012. Jessica was taught high standards of care from her mother, Kay, and her Care Coordinator skills from Marie. Jessica is the Care Coordinator for Handforth, Wilmslow and Alderley Edge. Jessica has her NVQ 3 in Health and Social Care and also holds recognized qualifications in End of Life Care and Dementia.

      Michelle started work in care in 2003 as a carer, progressing to Senior Carer and then to Coordinator. Michelle started with Care Plus in 2013, creating and delivering Care Plus’ intense induction program. Michelle is still responsible for the induction training but is also the Care Coordinator for Congleton. Michelle has her NVQ 2 in Health and Social Care and also holds recognized qualifications in End of Life Care, Dementia and Stroke Awareness.

      Jessica and Michelle have both worked and still do work as Carers within Care Plus, therefore they know most, if not all of the clients on a caring level. They believe this is the key to knowing exactly how to best meet each client’s care needs. Jessica and Michelle have the knowledge, experience and training to skilfully match appropriately trained Carers to an individual’s care needs.

      As Care Coordinators, Jessica and Michelle, along with Kay and Marie, work closely with each client, their families and the Care Team. They also work closely with Social Services, Doctors, Nurses, and other professional bodies making sure all necessary people are working together to fulfil every client’s individual care need. Care Plus aim to allocate one to two main Carers to each client, with one to two supporting Carers to cover days off and holidays.

        Care Plus Ltd Team Member Pascale

        Pascale Becherraz

        Finance Manager

        Pascale joined Care Plus in 2012 as Finance Manager. Pascale is a pivotal part of the management team, responsible for every financial aspect of Care Plus. Pascale not only works with the Care Team but also the Clients and their families. Pascale also works closely with Social Services and other professional bodies using the many different payment systems.

        Pascale spent  10 years as a Management Accountant within the manufacturing industry dealing with all the financial aspects as well as production planning and purchasing, reporting to the Managing Director and presenting the monthly accounts at the board meetings. Pascale then spent 7 years working for a firm of chartered accountants before joining Care Plus. Pascale also has previous experience of personnel management and payroll. Pascale is now looking forward to helping the team at Care Plus develop the business further.